Oct 13 2009

Juliette Lewis Setlist Commodore Ballroom October 11 2009

Category: Set ListsEyeliah @ 6:30 pm

We showed up early enough to see four songs from the opening act The Ettes and they were awesome, definitely will be checking out their music.  It was easy for us to move up to right behind the fans on the barricade at center stage so obviously I was ecstatic, this is the closest I’ve ever got at the Commodore!  45 minutes later Juliette came out like a bat out of hell in a feathered shoulder piece, black lace Victorian blouse and sequin pants (photo via Brittany Kwasney on flickr).  She started softly playing Ghosts before busting head strong into Purgatory Blues.  The crowd started to go crazy for her, these people were all huge fans like me!  Three songs in this pushy girl comes out of nowhere and starts trying to edge in front of me even though the spot she is in is equally as amazing as mine, just a tad to the left.  I don’t think much of it as this happens time to time and I just need to hold steady.  A song later she decided to elbow me in the ribs and step on my foot.  Of course I said something to which she replied, ‘if you don’t want to get crushed move to the back’.  I have to say I wasn’t really sure what to say, we are all here to have a good time and clearly she is here to make trouble so I switched places with my husband (thanks honey!).   I ended up in her old spot which I must say was also a very lovely view, I mean Juliette is still right there.  A few songs later a beautiful girl on the right of them (used to be the right of  me) got fed up at the pushy gal and punched her and then punched pushy gals friend too and left the pit.  Of course they start whining ‘why did she do that?’.  I could have responded with the line she initially gave to me about moving to the back.  Then Juliette decides to move down and get closer to the crowd, I remembered  that from the Richards on Richards show that she likes to create these personal moments for her fans.  Flashback to that show; we were in the front row, she put her face right in front of mine and I had the opportunity to reach out and touch her cheek.  In fact all four of us got to touch Juliette that night.  Now back to tonight, Juliette was telling us to kiss the people around us, then she moved in front of me and I motioned to Juliette by pointing at myself and then at her so she leaned forward and I got to kiss her on the cheek!  I was now quite happy to had been pushed over into this spot. 🙂  They played a few more songs, I sang along to every single word and then just like that it was over.  An amazing and unforgettable night.

Set List
Purgatory Blues
Cold Wind
Fantasy Bar
Romeo (not positive of placement)
Pray for the Band Latoya
Hard Lovin’ Woman
Sticky Honey
Uh Huh
You’re Speaking My Language
Suicide Dive Bombers

Terra Incognita

Set List Richards on Richards November 23, 2007
(For the files since that show was preblog)

Inside The Cage
Hot Kiss
Bullshit King
Pray for the Band Latoya
Death of a Whore
Got Love to Kill
Sticky Honey
This I Know
Get Up
Purgatory Blues
So Amazing
Hot Stuff (cover)
You’re Speaking My Language

4 Responses to “Juliette Lewis Setlist Commodore Ballroom October 11 2009”

  1. Leproust says:

    ohhh I love Juliette Lewis! How fun that you got to kiss her on the cheek! I loved reading your story about the show!

  2. SwanDiamondRose says:

    that’s some crazy pit action. kind of odd. you know i’ve never hear her music, i’ll have to check it out.

  3. Van Dougie says:

    I’m still kicking myself for missing this although I saw her at Malkin Bowl. Sounds spectacular, short set but cool they squeezed a couple of older Licks songs in there. Terra Incognita is a frickin’ anthem. Thanks for the report!