Oct 06 2009

She Could Be a Farmer in Those Clothes

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

I feel like I could have worn this to a clam bake! We were invited over to friends short notice for dinner.  When I was putting this outfit together initially I was wearing a skirt and it felt just too much. These cuffed jean capris did the trick in toning down the overly girly look.

Hehe, I think I was mid-blink but we were in a hurry and it’s the only close up shot we took. 🙂

Thrifted Blue Cardigan and Beige Bag. Yellow Sweater and Jean Capris, Free from Swap. Floral Scarf, CapriciousTraveler on Etsy; $10. White Vianni Flats.

9 Responses to “She Could Be a Farmer in Those Clothes”

  1. The Waves says:

    I don’t think we see you wearing jeans too often, but these look great on you! This is the perfect sweet-casual-chic outfit! 🙂

  2. Wanderlusting says:

    Love this look! The scarf, the frilly white shirt, the capris, your blue cardy!!

  3. Bianca says:

    This is super cute! I really like the cardigan, blouse/sweater? and scarf combo! 🙂

  4. mireia says:

    Thanks for your comment!


  5. Bug says:

    Hee, hee I like your mid blink look. You did a good job toning down the sugar sweet blouse and cardigan. Love the entire outfit, the cuffed jeans look great on you!


  6. Nadine says:

    I really like your scarf!

  7. Michi says:

    Absolute cuteness! Love the colors and simple comfort in your outfit.

  8. deka says:

    clueless was such a good movie 😉

  9. Michele says:

    Great casual look! Won’t be capris weather too much longer – wear them while you can!