Oct 02 2009

Life Is How You Live It Through Time

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As I said to my husband when I called him yesterday, “Did you get your picture taken with Sam Roberts today?” His response “no, …………..but you did.” He is so smart!

What a handsome man close up!

My typical messy scrawled set list, random lyrics to jog the memory, a song missed and pen switch mid way, oh and Sam Roberts signature at the bottom!!! He said he loved my handwritten set list, awww yeah.

Set List

Fixed to Ruin
Lions of the Kalahari
With a Bullet
Taj Mahal
Hard Road
(I think after Hard Road) Magic on My Mind
Bridge to Nowhere
Love at the End of the World
Brother Down
Them Kids

Encore: Don’t Walk Away Eileen

What I wore when I met Sam Roberts!

Orange Fire Vintage Dress, Mintage. Clock Belt, Thrift Score. Ardene Bangles. The Bay Black Knit Tights. Thrifted Nurse Shoes and Bowler Hat (as above).

In other news, I am writing this post in Anywhere But Here fashion meaning it is going onto different topics and on forever (and ever and ever) šŸ˜‰ Seriously if you don’t read her blog yet go do it now!

I am also shopping for a new leather jacket, my green thrifted bomber has multiple issues; too short in arms and waist, needs the zipper repaired, doesn’t keep me very warm anyway cuz it’s most likely not real leather. Here was my round of shopping on yesterdays break. I like my leather vintage so I went to True Value Vintage, Used and Cherry Bomb; my inspiration was 3:10 to Yuma.

Blurry change room photos; this first one $89 was too thick for Vancouver’s mild weather with sheepskin lining but the side pockets were so cozy. This second one $47 is the same as my green jacket! Just purple, definitely leather, a couple sizes bigger and the pockets are trashed and need to be replaced.

Two upcycled leathers in red, both $165.

Rad indigo blue for $47, would have bought but after close inspection noticed a slash in the leather on the back. šŸ™

My mission now is to go back for the purple jacket and see how it looks with jeans!

6 Responses to “Life Is How You Live It Through Time”

  1. Isabel says:

    Oh man, how cool is it that you met Sam Roberts!!! I love the belt you are wearing, it’s too cool.

  2. Wanderlusting says:

    HEY, now! I actually wrote a succinct post today šŸ˜›

    Ironically, I also linked to your blog in it. We must be on the same wavelength!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Wow I would have never guessed Sam Roberts looked like that without the beard. He’s pretty cute lol. I love the dress btw!

  4. Caboguy says:

    – what a great belt…and a felt hat like in your younger days!! – remember the portrait (do you have it still?) Norma Cullerton did that you gave Grampa?

  5. C&G says:

    I like the cuts on the two red jackets…that warm russet red one is tres cool! (And, I should not admit this but I have no idea who Sam Roberts is so I need to go look that up!)

  6. Carmen says:

    Hi, I went to the Sam Roberts concert too and just came across your photo on google while searching for photos from the concert. I realized I have a photo of you and Sam on my phone if you want it, it’s the only picture I took. I can send it to you if you want. The girl next to me took my photo with Sam (she had the better camera) and said she would email it to me but she never did. šŸ™ It was such a great concert and opportunity to meet Sam and now I don’t have any proof! I was the girl wearing the brown t-shirt with pink electric guitars on it if you happen to have any photos of me, I know it’s a small chance but thought I would ask anyway.