Sep 22 2009

First Day of Autumn

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:30 pm

I am reading you loud and clear on the request for more inspiration folder posts, it has up til now been monthly but I will move that up to biweekly or even weekly, with an installment coming at you later today. There are so many things out there inspiring me right now; white tights for fall/winter, socks with heels, plaid! Today is officially the first day of autumn but the weather sure isn’t reflecting that with a bright blue sky and hot hot sun.

Yesterday I went to see the new Trailer Park Boys movie… called (ahem) Countdown to Liquor Day with free advance passes. For those who do not know the TPB’s are from the east coast of Canada and they are always in trouble with the law, quite a funny and raunchy bunch. I have to say I haven’t watched them much in the past few years and wasn’t sure how I’d take to this new movie, but I did laugh a lot and they sure went to new levels of out there. I’d recommend it for those who can tolerate / appreciate the crass.

To an outfit, I added the brooch to my beret and now I am happy.

Polka Dot Dress, Mall in Mexico. Black Lace Slip, Free From Swap. Thrifted Black Beret. Red Flower Brooch, Gift. Jeffrey Campbell Booties, Free from SoleStruck.

5 Responses to “First Day of Autumn”

  1. Michele says:

    Ah yes, the brooch does add a little somethin’ to the beret. Cute outfit. Heat wave here too in coastal Oregon. Yesterday 96 degrees F. Not quite 90 degrees F today – not yet. You’re right, sure don’t feel like fall.

  2. dearilou says:

    Ooo, I love TPB! I was introduced to them a few months ago. I can never decide whether it is funny that I know people like that, or tragic.

  3. jennine says:

    holy moly… is it really the first day of autumn?
    you look darling, just darling!

  4. Shay says:

    I didn’t realize the Trailer park boys movie was out already I will have to check it out. The trailer is wicked. Your brooch is just the right touch!

  5. ondressingup says:

    The brooch is really very cute! I haven’t heard of the Trailer Park Boys here in NZ. Might have to do some googling.