Sep 18 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 3

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WARNING spoilers ahead: This week the girls got to meet with the President of Wilhelmina Models for one on one interviews. Rachel; poor, sweet, adorable, one of my faves Rachel struggled with confidence, Courtney walked fierce and many others weren’t even featured. Is anyone else noticing the lack of even coverage this season? Then instead of a prize there was an instant elimination, isn’t that nice. I was thinking it should be Jennifer for lack of control over her lazy eye, Bianca for her rough edge or Sundai for her 5 foot 3 stature…. but it was none of these girls, time to get upset – it was Rachel!

Are you done crying? Moving on, next they had an awesome teach with Super Smize, lol Tyra as a superhero who can smize – smile with her eyes. What I wouldn’t give for that face time with her. Again they didn’t show coverage of every contestant. The girls had to put on these (ahem) too tight in prominent areas suits and then go up against eachother for one on one smizing competitions. But with there mouths covered up they could be smiling underneath making smiling with the eyes easier, just a thought.

The photoshoot was to pose topless with a horse and jockey for a Lady Godiva slash Seabiscuit shoot. Laura and Nicole were my favorites.

Erin gets the Photo of the Week.

Despite looking bored Courtney still was beautiful.

Bianca looked manly.

And the rest were all in between. Note: my coverage is like ANTM’s uneven. Click below to see who was sent home.

Bianca was in the bottom two again, making her an obvious choice to eliminate, but she wasn’t. Courtney was sent home as she admitted in panel that she ‘just gave up’ on the photoshoot – big mistake! 🙁



5 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 3”

  1. eli says:

    I was so bummed I missed this episode!! I always had to work before on ANTM nights and now I dont so Im trying to watch it! Nicole is the redhead right? Shes my favorite!

  2. The Clothes Horse says:

    Nicole was my favorite. I wish Tyra would stop trying to trademark everything that comes out of her mouth…in fact, I’d probably prefer a different host entirely!

  3. deka says:

    bianca should have been eliminated

  4. Charlie says:

    I cannot wait till this season comes to NZ it looks great. Oh and thanks for your offer to tweet my giveaway that would be lovely maybe that would get some more entries :), I don’t really use my twitter for blog stuff because there are a few people on there who don’t know about my blog and I’m not quite ready to reveal yet.

  5. Eline says:

    So I’m pretty sure they’re just keeping Bianca for teh ~ dramaz** ugh she is so annoying, I just want her to get out but then again, there’d be no drama! XD