Sep 17 2009

Burn Our Dreams in a Single Night

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 8:00 am

I have been so busy with my projects (two blogs, guitar, fall tv shows, saying yes to invites) that I haven’t saved much time for outfit planning.  All my looks are being thrown together in a matter of 5 minutes.  They are passable but could usually use one extra detail to make them special, like below a brooch on the beret would have been so sweet.  But I’m not sweating it, I can put a brooch on the next time I wear the beret you know.  I haven’t thrifted or been to the mall in quite a while now either (lacking the funds) so mixing it up in this short time is becoming more challenging.  I just sent out an invite for a Clothing Swap Party so that will help, if you are in Vancouver and would like to come shoot me an email.

I’ve asked before but… how long so you spend planning your daily outfits?

Thrifted Polka Dot Blouse & Black Silk Skirt. Red Cardigan, Gift from Anabela. Leopard Purse, Free from Swap. Vianni Black & Gold Flats.

13 Responses to “Burn Our Dreams in a Single Night”

  1. Kyla says:

    Love this look and that hat is awesome on you!

  2. Michele says:

    Great outfit. Can’t believe you can throw something together that looks so good in 5 minutes. Cute blouse – love the pleats.

  3. elle s'ennuie says:

    Nice outfit, very French painterly chic! I like how the black dots on the blouse kind of connect the black of the skirt with the black of the beret:)
    Since I don’t have that many possible combinations to ponder (usually a dress and a cardi…), I don’t spend time on deciding at all, it just sort of “comes to me”. If I have to be somewhere on time in the morning, I usually have some idea of what I’m going to wear already the previous night.
    OTOH, sometimes I put on what I want to wear or thought I’d wear, and it just doesn’t feel right at all, it feels weird and uncomfortable. When that happens, and I have the time, I can spend up to an hour frustratedly trying different stuff… If I don’t have the time for that, I fall back on some “safe” outfit that always feels good or at least passable.

  4. WendyB says:

    Since most of the time it’s jeans, t-shirt and a jacket — not long at all! :-O

  5. marta says:

    I don’t plan anything ahead of time especially when I don’t have new clothes (I only get excited if I have new pieces and mentally know ahead of time what I will wear). Usually I wear whatever is available and clean and if have extra time I put a bit more effort, but I’m always rushing, need to work on that.

  6. Amber says:

    You look great 🙂

    I work from home, so I barely spend any time at all planning my outfits – I generally think about it in the shower. If I’m actually going somewhere, though, it could be anything up to an hour, and involve me trying on and discarding everything I own!

  7. Talk Pretty To Me says:

    Ohhh I think I have a terrible addiction to leopard print this season. I want I want I want!
    Love that bag!


  8. Diana says:

    I think this outfit came together really well, and I love the beret. When I’m really organized, I like to plan all my outfits on Sunday evenings for the rest of the week. But most days, it takes me at least 20 minutes to put together an outfit.

  9. Cindee says:

    usually if i’m feeling inspired to plan one outfit, then i end up planning several all at once. alot of times i will write down ideas i like when i read other people’s blogs and take that home with me, and it serves as a starting point for outfit planning. these sessions often turn into mini-disasters (clothes and shoes everywhere), but they are fun! i have a really hard time sitting still and just doing one thing, so, for example, if i’m watching a movie, inevitably i’m going to watch it and put outfits together at the same time.

  10. The Waves says:

    I love this outfit, it definitely doesn’t look like you put it together in 5 mins! Sometimes my outfit come together immediately, in 2 mins, other times (more often, I should add) I can stand in front of my wardrobe for half an hour and still nothing seems right. It is all about having a certain state of mind, really. One thing that I have noticed though: if I have browsed fashion magazines all day, good outfits are really hard to come up with. If my mind is all worked up because of other fashions, I lose touch with what feels right for me.

  11. Marlyn says:

    Planning? I’m not sure I understand what you mean. 😉
    Seriously, I usually do it before I jump in the shower in the morning.

  12. dearilou says:

    I’m loving this outfit. It is so Parisian. It’s mostly the beret that is making me feel that, but the colors too.