Sep 02 2009

We’ll Still Have The Summer After All

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:30 pm

Thanks for all your thoughts on the blog commenting post, many of you expressed the same feelings I was having.  They started after I  spent a couple hours hunting down images and then picking the best ones for my Chloe Sevigny post.  I was so proud of it and then I got only one comment.  🙁  Not really a big deal, but I wondered if it was because I had not been commenting on other sites while my friend was in town.  This then got me wondering how many less people would comment here if I never commented other sites.   All this wondering made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw!  This is really a moot point since I enjoy commenting on many blogs and will continue to do so.  If you have an opinion to share I’d like to hear it, the thread is getting longer….

To an outfit!

Yesterday me and my gal went to Granville Island.  We thought it would be less busy since it was a Tuesday morning, no way! That place is packed all the time, yay Vancouver Tourism!  We had fun looking around at the shops and taking photos (including a gorgeous girl I will feature on The Eyeline tomorrow!).  I got a nice writing pad for my husband, he’ll like it.  It was so bright where I stood for this shot, I was trying to tilt my head out of the sun’s glare.

Blue Embroidered Dress, Ebay. Thrifted Beige Bag & White Lace Cardigan. Bangles, Various. Clarks Sandals. New Friendship Necklace, True Value Vintage $10.

14 Responses to “We’ll Still Have The Summer After All”

  1. Eli says:

    Geez, I feel the same way. When I get very few visits I have a small freak out and go through blog lovin and leave comments for like the first fifty blogs! There must be a better way to all of this

  2. Leproust says:

    I love this outfit! WIth so many bloggers looking forward to fall (I am SO included in this!), it is refreshing to still see beautiful summery posts! After all, it was 93 degrees in Nashville today!

    I didn’t realize that I had not added you to my blogroll! Sometimes I think I add blogs I frequent, and for whatever reason, my attention diverts, and I mistakenly move on to something else! But, you are on there now! 🙂

  3. WendyB says:

    Great color for you 🙂

  4. Nadine says:

    I really love your dress – the color is just awesome.

  5. Arushi from FabBlab says:

    Aw, that’s such a cute maxi.

  6. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x says:

    What a beautiful shade of blue! You look gorgeous. I really admire people who wear colour so magnificently because I am appalling with it as I just constantly wear black.. changing my ways is my current style resolution 😀

  7. Casey says:

    Oh my golly… I absolutely adore your dress!!! The color is so beautiful–it just pops!

    I love your Carrie Bradshaw comment. lol. I get that way all the time when I start musing over things. 😉

  8. Amie says:

    I have that exact same dress in a mustard colour! Love the blue on you. And with the little cardigan, so cute!

  9. SayItFashionista says:

    You are missing the most important point of blogging – Do it because you enjoy it. Spend the time putting together the posts because you want to and it is a your hobby. Don’t do it so you can get x many comments and then freak because you don’t. Seriously, you should comment on other’s blogs because you want to and you made a connection to their content. Not so they will visit your blog and compliment/comment on yours.

  10. Eyeliah says:

    Gosh thanks for the lovely comments all!!

    That is exactly how I feel SIF, I promise I am not missing the most important part of blogging!! I was reacting to the fact that many of my usual comments stopped since I wasn’t on other blogs (when my best friend was staying with me for a few days). This made me wonder that the only reason some people visit my blog was because I visited theirs.

  11. Cindee says:

    pretty dress! and love that purse you are carrying.

  12. Wanderlusting says:

    Must make another note – there are some blogs that don’t even have that many readers or comments but I comment often, ask questions often and they NEVER visit my blog. Kinda hurts. I still read and comment but I don’t expect much!

  13. Shay says:

    great shade of turquoise! I never get too hung up on comments. They are nice to receive, but I treat writing a blog like writing for a magazine. People can take it or leave it. As for commenting myself, I’d rather leave – and only have time to leave! – comments where I actually have something to say rather than something inane.

  14. Michele says:

    What a beautiful dress! Love the turquoise color! You look like you’re out shopping in Merida or La Paz. And I really love the purse! Wish I could carry one as they really add to an outfit, but I am so use to fanny packs that when I DO carry a purse I usually leave it lying somewhere. So spoiled having my purse attached to my body anymore – not very fashionable, but sooo practical. (BTW- glad you had fun with your friend.)