Sep 02 2009

The Story of a Skirt

Category: My ClosetEyeliah @ 9:00 am

I remember having such a hard time deciding if I should get this at the thrift store, it was $7 and I wasn’t sure if I would wear it.  So glad that I decided to give it a go.  The first look was recently featured on What I Wore Today.  Click here for another skirt story.

10 Responses to “The Story of a Skirt”

  1. Bug says:

    Oh, I love how you style the skirt, so many different ways – you are absolutely lovely my dear. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. Nadine says:

    What a great skirt – and you wear it in so many great ways.

  3. Hannele says:

    My fav is the one with mustard top and belt, love how the skirt picks up the mustard 🙂

  4. Charlie says:

    I know for me when I’m a bit unsure over a purchase and take a while deciding these are the things that end up getting the most wear, funny that. I like when you get surprise wardrobe additions, things that get regular rotation that you never realised you would love, and it’s never what you would expect! I love this skirt by the way, the print and length is fabulous, and I love how differently you style it!

  5. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Very awesome how you combined these different outfits. I have the same feeling sometimes, being iffy about buying stuff but I usually dont regret it. Love it with the mustard top

  6. MT says:

    love the skirt.. so epic 😀

  7. dearilou says:

    I really dig the skirt with the tan top and red tights. I think it is my favorite. I can’t wait to see the future ways you plan to wear this!

  8. Caboguy says:

    – bottom left is my favorite look –

  9. erindyan says:

    Good cost per wear and it looks cute each time. 🙂

  10. Michele says:

    Sheesh, I’ve been away – lots of catching up to do. . .

    I like the bottom two the best. Loved the one on the right the first time – the bold top and that wonderful belt. The left one has the cutest short sweater – don’t remember seeing that before. Love the sweater, so sweet. Great skirt – love the swirl of paisley prints – and it’s true, the cost per wear is low as it is so versatile.