Aug 11 2009

What Make Up to Wear to a Wedding ~ Guest Post

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Hi all, nice to be here! For my guest post, I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before: a make up post.

I’m not really a make up girl at all. I wear foundation almost every day, but that’s because I have problem skin, and need to cover up my spots! I usually add mascara as well, but that’s it on a typical day. I understand the attraction of buying new products in lovely packaging, but (apart from the mascara and foundation) I never run out of anything and therefore make do with what I have. I am still using the same stuff I had years ago*.

make up

The stuff in the photo is actually all I own:

* 2 Foundations (No.7 Age Rewind, Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous)

* 2 Concealers, one for spots and one for under eyes

* 2 Lip things (Chanel Rouge Lumiere lipstick in a kind of goldy red, Benetint) I used to have a fantastic No7 Moisture quench one too, but I have temporarily misplaced/lost it.

* 1 Blusher (actually a pinky beige L’Oreal lipstick – far too light for my lips, but just right for my cheeks)

* 5 Eye shadows: glittery white, silvery transluscent brown, dark brown, goldeny turquoise, pinky beige. I could probably do without the last one, but it was a free gift.

* 1 Eyeliner pencil. I used to have liquid eyeliner too but the brush died and I think I will eventually replace it. There is something special about liquid eyeliner.

* 1 Mascara

That’s it! What I wanted to show is that this is more than enough to make some lovely combinations. I will illustrate on two looks I had at two recent weddings.


Here’s the first one. This involves:

* Concealer and under-eye thing where needed

* Liquid foundation, applied where most needed, i.e. on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, and blended out by hand

* The blusher/lipstick on the side of the cheeks, i.e. not on the apples.

* The now lost dark pink lipstick

* White eye shadow just under the eyebrows

* Turquoise eye shadow spread generously on the lids, because I have the kind of eyes where make up just disappears

* Eyeliner all around the eye

* Mascara

me again

And no 2. This is all about the lips, so the eyes are kept low key.

* Concealer and under-eye thing where needed

* Some Kind of Gorgeous, for a silky matt finish

* Just a tiny bit of Benetint on the cheeks (this had pretty much worn off by the time the photo was taken)

* The Chanel lipstick. This is pretty full on, so I always apply it with a brush to avoid it going over the side of my lips.

* White eye shadow under the eyebrows, beige on the lid, and translucent brown in the crease

* Eyeliner just on the outside corner of the upper lid.

* Mascara

So, there you go! Hopefully I’ve shown that there are lots on make up options, even when you don’t want to spend loads on expensive cosmetics. It’s all about combining and experimenting. Make up, like clothes, is something you just need to try stuff out until you find the right things for your face shape/colouring/skin type.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed my guest post, it’s been fun writing it!

* please don’t tell me off for not throwing stuff out all the time. I know that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t and I’ve never had any problems.

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4 Responses to “What Make Up to Wear to a Wedding ~ Guest Post”

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for the make-up tips, and I love that peacock feather!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks for putting that together. I’m also not very versed in make-up and tend to have a basic palette to work with. I also agree with you about throwing make-up out at their predetermined expiry date. It doesn’t make sense to me to get rid of something that still works, and doesn’t give me any adverse reactions except for mascaras. Mascaras tend to dry out and clump after a while that those get dumped more often than anything else.

    I had a chance to try Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara when it first came out and that went on beautifully but it was still a bit pricey. Especially for something that I didn’t use all the time and ended up getting tossed within a couple of months if that long.

  3. Carla says:

    Great makeup post! I’m not as into makeup as I used to be but I still have my mascara, lip gloss and the occasional eye liner or shadow. Like you, I pared everything down to a few basics.

  4. Kristina - Connecticut Wedding DJ says:

    Wow! Great tips! This is so useful article!