Jul 24 2009

Make It Fly Bless Your Soul

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 10:00 am

I missed song titles. It’s funny, I’ve had the belt off this dress with me the last three years and had actually thought I got rid of the dress. It was an annoying ebay purchase in that it arrived to my home stinking of cigarettes to a putrid degree, yes I left the appropriate feedback. I cleaned it many times but it still smelled and I never even wore it. Flash forward a few years and the smell is gone, time spent airing in storage did it good and now belt and dress are reunited at last.

P.S. Thank you so so much for you thoughts on Style Evolution, the comments on that post are a great read. 🙂

Teal Polka Dot Dress, Ebay $20. Thrifted Lipstick Red Purse, $4. White Vianni Flats. Rimmel Lipstick in Alarm.

12 Responses to “Make It Fly Bless Your Soul”

  1. Shay says:

    super cute! Love the red bag and lipstick with the turquoise

  2. Diana says:

    Well I’m glad the smell went away, because that is a seriously cute dress. I love how you paired it with bright red accents.

  3. Nadine says:

    You’re dress is adorable :)… and a nice contrast with your hair.

  4. Amelia says:

    That dress is so perfect! I love the color and the mix of stripes and dots. I want to steal it…

  5. jessica says:


    just found your blog.
    SUPER CUTE dress!
    matching belt too?
    love that.

  6. Eunice says:

    what a great dress, i love it. The colour is wonderful!

  7. katie from zombielace says:

    It’s such a shame when ebay packages disappoint. Glad it gets a second chance as it’s a precious dress! Also, thanks for the nice comment about my last post and tweeting about it! I am honored! I will definitely come up with a tutorial so that you can incorporate the turban into your fabulous looks :~)

  8. wardrobe experience says:

    what a lovely dress…I love the mix of dots and stripes.

  9. rebecca s. says:

    fantastic dress and i love how you paired it with red! cute cute cute, missy.

  10. Elissa of Spandexpony says:

    What a great color for you! Love the stripes, indeed!

  11. SunshineStateVintage says:

    WOW! Great dress! You’re the bomb.com! ;o)

  12. Wicked Halo says:

    Love the dress!! way cool 🙂