Jun 24 2009

So Far From Where I’ve Been

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

Thrifted Orange Red Cardigan,
Aldo Purse and Floral Scarf.
Suzy Shier Capris.
Garage Black and White Tank.
Vianni Pewter Flats.
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nailpolish in Crushed Orange.

5 Responses to “So Far From Where I’ve Been”

  1. cindee says:

    great outfit! i love the pattern mixing and color choices. i need to see a close-up of those shoes though!! and your hair looks totally awesome. i have the jealouses over your hair big time!

  2. eyeliah says:

    Thanks Cindee! This post has the best close up. 🙂

  3. Kathleen says:

    Wow your hair looks so cool! I love it

  4. elena says:

    dude im so glad cindee asked and you gave the link to the close up cause i was wanting the same thing!
    cutie in your orange! dude you are rocking your new hair! woot!

  5. Nadine says:

    I like the orange cardigan – it’s a nice contrast with the black/white shirt.