Jun 20 2009


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Veiwership has more than doubled so far this year (wow!).  If you look at the chart below, the big day in February is when Style Symmetry was linked on DoeDeereBlogazine, the blips that look like no viewers was when my tracking system was not recording properly and that highest line near the end was just this past Thursday – biggest day yet on the site!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing your lovely comments with me this past year and half.  I cannot even believe the huge amount of people on here, I just heard that even Kim from Nova Scotia is stopping by (Hi Kim!!).  You the readers make the difference, if it were not for you, and I had no comments on any posts it would be a laboured task to post so frequently.  This is such a fun place for me to come and I am so glad that you are enjoying it too.  Everyday I am full of new ideas that just keep flowing so I can continue to post with ease.  Thanks again, and remember to enter my latest Giveaway!

5 Responses to “Growth”

  1. rain says:

    Congratulations with so much visitors!!!!

    Applause !


  2. caboguy says:

    – these results show that your dedication and attention to your postings are top-shelf…

  3. Michele says:

    Cool! I’m not sure of the date but I found you this year – either through thriftcandy’s blog or 100% thrifted flickr – all happened about the same time. It’s fun seeing all the inventive outfits you gals put together and it’s making me get in touch with my more creative/adventurous clothing style. Thanks for all the posts!

  4. marta says:


  5. The Waves says:

    I am really glad (not surprised though) that your blog has an increasing audience. What makes your blog special is that you are innovative and adventurous, as well as dedicated to posting often. More importantly, your warm personality shines through in every post. With so many blogs dedicated to the superficial side of fashion (not that that is bad necessarily), yours has a fresh and truly personal feel to it. Thank you for providing me with inspiration!