Jun 14 2009

I Had to Have It

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 3:00 pm

Just bought this killer skirt for summer, awaiting it’s arrival in the mail.

8 Responses to “I Had to Have It”

  1. Victoria says:

    Too cute!

  2. caboguy says:

    WOW !!! …that will look fantastic in the Beaches

  3. Penelope Nightingale says:

    I’ve been meaning to start an Etsy shop. I’m so intimidated by all of the sellers, though, for some reason!

  4. elena says:

    dude you are going to rock this skirt! yay for new buys! yippee!

  5. rain says:

    Love the colours, the prints! Great buy!


  6. Lu says:

    I need this skirt!! The colors are so deep and gorgeous! You have to post lots of pictures when you wear this!!

  7. thefashionmaven says:

    outfit post mandatory! i can’t wait to see how you style this – it’s gonna be so awesome!