Jun 10 2009

H&M Bikini Tops

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I am always looking for Bra Style Bikini Tops as the halter style, so very popular can get uncomfortable on the back of the neck after a few hours and when there is also a mid back tie the knot is not so nice to lean against. At Karina’s Clothing Swap I was given the helpful tip that H&M had lots of Bra Style Bikini Tops. I went to check it out and found the best leopard print bra style top, and two bandeaus, perfect for avoiding strap tan lines. I got all three for about $50 too. Thanks! That middle multi colored top is my favorite, I’m on the lookout for some cute bottoms to compliment it better than my basic defaults of brown or black. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it all summer.

Tell me about your favorite swimsuit?

9 Responses to “H&M Bikini Tops”

  1. hillary says:

    Well I only wear “one pieces” (usually two pieces that meet) I never wear a bikini. I like ones that cover it all up. I am shy and afraid of skin cancer due to my fair skin.

    I am digging the more retro ones with a more boxy cut leg this year.

  2. Katie from ZombieLace says:

    My favorite bathingsuit at the moment is a vintage one piece… I’ve always struggled with bikinis! Never tried the bra style but it looks perfect, I bet it stays on nicely and is sexy and fun! I might have to explore H&M soon. So good to be back from China and seeing your pretty blog!!

  3. Shay says:

    I’m so overdue to buy a bathing suit, haven’t bought one in years! But I don’t seem to get to the beach that often either…

    The most flattering suit I ever owned was a monokini that only had slight rounded cut ins at the sides (not the extreme ones you see everywhere now!) It really gives the illusion of a smaller waist.

  4. Wanderlusting says:

    Yay cool! I oughta go there myself (such a far walk though lol) – love the last one!!!

  5. elena says:

    one peice is what i tend to go for its a comfort thing cause i dont like to show the belly!!

  6. Bri says:

    Love the snake skin print! I have too many bikinis, but i love them all!

  7. Charlie says:

    cute! I love that reptile print! Personally I love bright colours. I’m bigger busted so I tend to go for something with a bit more coverage, halter style with a bit more fabric to it. Lately I’ve been loving cut out one pieces, just because where I come from there aren’t many around so it’s something a bit different

  8. caboguy says:

    one word for my style…SPEEDO !!!

  9. Louise Nielsen says:

    I have been looking for that H&M bikini top all over, so I was wondering if it is for sale?
    If yes – what size is it? 🙂