Jun 10 2009

Cause You Are So Very

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:30 pm

This first awkward picture made me laugh out loud, hehe, not really sure what I was going for.  🙂 I have been trying out this new photo spot as the usual is a little tough to maneuver with a big bright sun behind me.  And I am wearing some pink again today as foretold.

Sheer Blue Dress, Consignment. Pink 80s Belt of Awesomeness, Bliss Vintage on Etsy. Mosaic Earrings, Free from Swap. Joneve Pewter Ballet Flats.

14 Responses to “Cause You Are So Very”

  1. dearilou says:

    Oo, I love that blue dress.
    Also, I got a very stylish package today in the mail. Great postcard, by the way. I will be wearing the dress tomorrow to an art show and finding other ways to use the rest of the accessories later. I want to spread them out. I LOVE the belt, just need to find the perfect outfit for it…

  2. WendyB says:

    I love that fierce facial expression in the first picture!

  3. Danielle says:

    what a great dress!!

  4. thefashionmaven says:

    i actually really like the first photo and don’t think it looks as awkward as you might think! i like the angles of your body (i sound like tyra here!) and your look is quite fierce but also sexy and not scary 🙂
    thanks for visiting my new blog – i haven’t been up on commenting back because it’s all i can do to keep my head on straight and post at all!

  5. deka says:

    i love that belt!

  6. Amelia says:

    I love that belt! I’m sad not to see the beautiful sunny view, but I can see the outfit much better now that you’re not backlit 🙂

  7. Keiko Lynn says:

    That belt is great!

  8. Nadine says:

    What a perfect dress – the color suits you so well… and I also like your pearl earrings :).

  9. rebecca s. says:

    what a pretty blue dress!

    and i think you look cute in the first pic, not awkward at all! 🙂

  10. cindee says:

    this dress is the hottness! as is the belt. !!!

  11. eyeliah says:

    Thanks so much all!! I liked the first photo too which is why I included it, but definitely it made me laugh. 🙂

  12. elena says:

    dude you are looking fierce! 🙂 gotta have some tyra love for that pose! haha
    hey when does the new season start? this one is the “short” one with all the girls being petite hmm i wonder how it all will play out!

  13. Missa says:

    The dress belt combo is wonderful and super flattering on you, lovely shape 🙂

  14. rain says:

    Fierce first pic! and awesome dress! Beautiful colour!