Jun 08 2009

Care to Join Me for a Picnic?

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:45 pm

Pink GINGHAM Top, Free from Swap (Thanks Karina!).
Vintage Beaded Purse. Suzy Shier Capris. Aldo White Heels.

12 Responses to “Care to Join Me for a Picnic?”

  1. elena says:

    oh are you going on one?! fun! you look cute for it!

  2. Charlie says:

    Yay gingham! And picnic, yes please! cold and windy here….

  3. Wanderlusting says:

    Yay so glad that worked, looks great on you. I especially like the pink bra underneath. Wish it had fit me, I had such great picnic dreams when I bought it lol

  4. marta says:

    You look so effortless chic!

  5. dearilou says:

    I love this top! I just bought a blue gingham blouse the other day. Cannot wait to debute it. Gingham is the ultimate in summer if you ask me.

  6. Eleh says:

    i’ve always had a thing for ginghmam/tartan/plaid clothing! yours is no different!

  7. rebecca s. says:

    that is a great little top! it looks so lovely on you. i hope you had a sweet picnic.

  8. erindyan says:


  9. ambika says:

    Such an adorable, summery top and you look fantastic in it.

  10. Michele says:

    Cute! Definitely cute!

  11. Hannele says:

    Cute gingham top! sweet 50’s twist to the outfit, sweet!

  12. eyeliah says:

    Thanks everyone! Nope no picnic 🙁 that’s why I was asking you to join me! This felt soooo Dolly Parton in The best Lil Whorehouse in Texas, must wear the top to a picnic atleast once this summer!