May 26 2009

Vintage Maxi Dresses on eBay

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 9:00 am

All auctions $22 or less at post time, click on pictures for listings.

Bold Prints.

Hippie Feel.

Spaghetti Strapped Beauties.

Saving the best for last, soft and feminine.

Which dress is your favorite?

8 Responses to “Vintage Maxi Dresses on eBay”

  1. The Clothes Horse says:

    Very pretty! The last one with the lace is drop-dead gorgeous.

  2. Nadine says:

    I love the Hippie Feel dresses.

    Well I go by bike every day – a sun umbrella wouldn’t work… and it wouldn’t cover the whole body… also I would feel ridiculous with it ;).

  3. rain says:

    Love the romantic hippie dress. I also like the soft & feminine……but it looks like nightwear (?)…..(for sleeping)

    Are you gonna buy?


  4. Missa says:

    That last one is amazing! How perfect would that be as a non-conventional wedding dress?!

  5. rain says:

    I think the first blue printed one will look great on you! It’s also more original than the grey one.

    Good luck with your choice!


  6. Wanderlusting says:

    Second to last soft pink one!!

  7. Vanty says:

    I love the second to last dress. Perfection!

  8. Yukino says:

    I love the last one. It’s amazing, although it does feel a bit too ‘hippie wedding’ to me. Can’t take my eyes off it, though.