May 25 2009

We Ain’t Ever Been To The Ocean

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

Yesterday at the beach was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I brought my current book The Witch of Cologne and it is getting too good to put down.  There were lots of people out relaxing and a girl nearby strumming her guitar which set such a lovely mood.  Next weekend is quite the different story with a Pool Party/Clothing Swap @ Karina’s and The 1920’s Party on the same day!  After the Sangria I am sure to consume @ Karina’s I hope I will still be able to functionally put together the 1920s look I am planning for the evening.

To the outfit, I have been hunting for electric blue tights for atleast a year.  I bought some on ebay once but they were too sheer to be pretty.  Just found these ones recently at The Bay and they are exactly what I wanted.  And this vintage sparkly belt I was so happy to find at the thrift, I can see many cute party outfits in it’s future.

Vintage Belt, $3. Electric Blue Tights: $15. Electric Blue Collared Top Stitches. Vintage Floral Skirt, Ebay. Aldo Silver Ballet Flats.

8 Responses to “We Ain’t Ever Been To The Ocean”

  1. rain says:

    Great summer outfit!

    Love your floral skirt :)…. so cute


  2. Le Tasché says:

    Love that skirt. How lucky you are to live nearby the beach.

  3. cindee says:

    too cute!!! love the electric blue and belt. i have a belt kind of like that that i found at a Goodwill. still haven’t worn it. might have to change that soon! writing in fragments today for no good reason. boomps!

  4. Charlie says:

    I love that skirt and the matching pops of blue are gorgeous. Blue tights are hard to find – electric blue especially – I was after royal myself managed to find a pair of footless ones but their not the best quality so still on the hunt. Also on the hunt for this shade of turquoise but everything I seem to find is not quite right.

  5. Eyeliah says:

    thanks all! lol Karina!!!

  6. Nadine says:

    Such a great look for summer. I really like the shirt matching the tights :).

  7. elena says:

    awesome the 1920s party sounds so fun! yay i cant wait to see pics of that!