May 16 2009

How to Be a Guest at a Clothing Swap Party

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Guidelines for Guests of a Clothing Swap Party

-Make sure the items you are bringing to swap are clean and in good condition.
-For a potluck, actually make something, don’t bring mini donuts like I did.
-Listen when people tell you their names, this goes for any event.  Maybe this is just me but I really like to know everyone’s names and feel a fool when I forget.  I use visual memory to remember, when I met Erin I pictured her as a balloon inflating -‘air in’ get it.
-Be patient and take your time going through the items.  Grabbing is not pretty, this isn’t a Betsey Johnson Sample Sale!
-Give honest opinions when asked, these are girlfriends and they want the truth.
-If you see someone trying on an item you wanted for yourself, be sure to tell them how great they look in it and move on.
-As you choose each item to take, find out who the owner was so you can thank them.

Hana choose the chess sweater, Kate and Shannon modeling items.

This Swap was quite the success.  There were many great items, lots of laughs and delicious potluck.  Turns out our host Hana has a recipe blog, check her out at twogirlsforking.

I did come home with some really great pieces, these were my four favorites; Lauras J Crew Sweater, Joes Cream Dress, Hanas Yellow Strappy Sandals and Nalini’s Snake Print Dress.  Thanks so much ladies!

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7 Responses to “How to Be a Guest at a Clothing Swap Party”

  1. Fashion CHALET says:

    yay for My Little Ponys 🙂


  2. rain says:

    Wow, looks so much fun!


  3. Natanya says:

    Great advice, absolutely NO Grabbing, that is the worst!

  4. elena says:

    ‘air in’ love it!!!!
    oh looks like tons of fun! woot!

  5. joe says:

    Yay my cream dress lives on!!!

  6. Pori says:

    This looks fun:-)

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    […] had these sweet little mustard yellow sandals for three years now.  They were acquired at a swap (the swap where I posted how to be a good guest).  I still have the lace dress I got that evening as well. […]