May 14 2009

Divine Dresser ~ Nancy Z on Lookbook

Category: Inspiration,Real Girl SpotlightsEyeliah @ 3:30 pm

This adorable little dresser Nancy is from China, she is an Illustrator who posts her outfits to with self portraits. Featured below are a few of her stand out looks. The best surprise is the cute expressions on her drawings ranging from shy to flirtatious, calm and ecstatic. Please check out her lookbook profile for more.


7 Responses to “Divine Dresser ~ Nancy Z on Lookbook”

  1. dreamsequins says:

    This just made my day. She’s adorable! Cartoonishly so.

  2. Maegan says:

    um, adorable! …the little drawings too?!?!?! amazing.

  3. Skooter says:

    She’s adorable! I looove the drawings!

  4. Nancy says:

    Thanks a lot!^____________^

    I love your blog~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. elena says:

    cute! and great photos! i wish i could take some outfit shots like that!

  6. caroline says:

    She is adorable! As are her outfits.

  7. ADELE says:

    I discover her on Lookbook, her drawings are so funny ! And her looks are great !