May 04 2009

Ay Los Cabos

Category: My Outfits,TravelEyeliah @ 1:00 pm

I did plan some outfits ahead for this trip, it made it a lot easier to pack.  Four dressy outfits and then cute tshirts and shorts for the beach.  I ended up wearing everything I brought except one pair of socks, a light jacket and one tank top.  Best packing job ever!  2 shorts, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 4 beach tops, jeans and hoodie (worn on plane), 1 sandals, 2 ballet flats, 2 scarves, 2 cardigans, 2 nice tops, 1 beach bag, 1 nice purse.  I think that was it, more Cabo outfits to come over the next couple of days.

Black Opal (ish) big ring (visible in top right picture), new from Cabo; $25. Thrifted Yellow Floral Dress, Tie Dye Scarf and Silver Aldo Purse. Bangles Various. Bluenotes Purple Skirt. Costa Blanca Purple Cardigan. Aldo Gold Ballet Flats.

I’m giving the thumbs up (should be down) to the red snapper as on a previous trip I ordered red snapper and it came with a head!  Guess that’s what they mean by ‘whole’!  Okay here, I found the picture from March 2006.

Note: I am embarrassed to say, I got quite the heat rash even with all those precautions and my flight home was a nightmare so I took today off work.

Tomorrow I will be raring to go and Wednesday is the next Clothing Swap Party.

6 Responses to “Ay Los Cabos”

  1. Mom says:

    This finally answers that burning question…..
    Yes they do…

  2. Wanderlusting says:

    gorgeous gorgeous! Love love this outfit – the ring, those shiny happy bangles, the dress!!! Ahhhh, I miss the sun!

  3. elena says:

    cutie and glad you’re ok

  4. rebecca s. says:

    i’m glad you had a nice little holiday! you look so cute! and yes, the “whole” fish sure is something. a group of friends and i ordered a whole fish at a thai restaurant once. it was delicious but the head on is quite a sight.

  5. rain says:

    Welcome Back! You look great! The sun sure does great things!

    Actually in asian kitchen is quite normal to serve a whole fish (even with the eye-balls in the head), but fish is yummie yummie …..


  6. The Clothes Horse says:

    Love this outfit! So pretty and all the perfect accessories.