Apr 26 2009

The Killers Set List

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Set List

This is Your Life
Somebody Told Me
For Reasons Unknown
I Can’t Stay
Bling… Confessions of a King
Smile Like You Mean It
Losing Touch
Dustland Fairytale
Sams Town
Read My Mind
All These Things That I’ve Done


Jenny was a Friend of Mine
When You Were Young

I’ll back this up a notch, I saw The Killers Friday Night!!!!
We walked in to see the stage decorated with palm trees and cacti, clearly they would be playing the Caribbean influenced songs tonight.  Then they were testing, did I hear steel drums?? Yes indeed, there are also bongos, a saxophonist and a violinist on tap for tonight!  The Killers are our favorite band (after Guns N Roses) I have seen once before at The Orpheum in October 2006, 10 days after moving to Vancouver and it quite the epic night.  We traveled to Seattle to see them in 2007, but they canceled two hours before the show – I was very upset with them for a while, they didn’t even apologize for it.  They finally made it up to me.

Photo of The Killers at UBC Thunderbird Arena Courtesy or Ryan W. Woodland.

I knew they would open with Human, the boys all run out looking great especially Dave Keuning living up to the role of Fabulous Rock Star with always bigger hair and wearing a shiny shirt with an open chest.  Brandon Flowers so svelte in all black, Mark Stoermer on Bass and Ronnie Vannucci so cool.  The lights they have for this tour are so spectacular and expressive, ocean blues for I Can’t Stay like you are underwater with the band, gorgeous pinks for Smile Like You Mean It.  The song I was hoping they would play was their second song which took me by surprise, and I never thought they’d play Shadowplay although Brandon did cheap out and not hit the high note (at 3:07).  The best of the night was Losing Touch, the first song on their new album Day and Age.  The stage was all red lights for the chorus and when Brandon would move his arms up, side or out front the lights would follow, hard to explain but my favorite moment.

Photo of The Killers at UBC Thunderbird Arena Courtesy or Ryan W. Woodland.

You’ll never believe, but we left in the middle of the second last song.  They were playing in the Thunderbird Arena which hold about 7,000 people, but there sound setup is for venues that hold 17,000 – so it was really loud!! By the encore I couldn’t even hear anymore!  And we ended up driving (ugh) and were at the top of a huge parcade which would mean so long to get out, I was my fathers daughter leaving early I tell you.  My dad was known for ‘beating the rush’.  And the band had played an hour and forty minutes at that point so I was happy to leave one song early, and get out so easily.  Turns out we missed was When You Were Young, which is not so bad since I’ve seen them preform it live before, plus I watched the youtube video of them preforming it at Coachella when I got home so it’s like I didn’t miss it!

Thank you so much The Killers!

4 Responses to “The Killers Set List”

  1. Erin says:

    They’re great aren’t they? I was lucky enough to see them live at Vector arena in auckland (new zealand), a few weeks ago and they rocked it. Confirmed fan here 🙂

  2. cindee says:

    the killers!!! i am so jealous! sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Stephanie says:

    It’s so hard to find a fashion person who loves the Killers! And along came you! BTW, I just randomly ran into your site, so lucky chance I say! =D

  4. Marko says:

    I saw the show in Seattle this last month, totally great show. It was my first time seeing them, amazing. My fave performance was All these things I’ve done.

    What a great show!

    Great pix!