Apr 22 2009

Exciting Times!

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 3:30 pm

Exciting times at Style Symmetry people! I cannot thank you enough for stopping by, reading the blog and leaving such thoughtful comments! You all make my days brighter and continually motivate me to post. I haven’t missed a day more than a handful of times and not once in the last year and that’s all because of you!

We are having more and more visitors every day and a new blog sponsor signed on which is fabulous! This equals some dough I can throw into the site which means…. anther giveaway, this time for the 1,000th Post!! Woop Woop! You’ll have to stay tuned another 3-4 weeks for that as we’re at 945 right now. I can’t even believe I am approaching 1,000 that is so many zeros. This from a girl who never considered herself a writer, well the posts are mostly image heavy. 😉 Thanks again, you are all my Symmetry Sweethearts!

11 Responses to “Exciting Times!”

  1. elena says:

    hurray for your sponsor! i didnt even think abour sponsors for blogs duh ok now i have to research that for me! ;P
    thanks for your blog and posts i enjoy er ‘reading’ 🙂 your thoughts and you are very kind to visit me!!!
    hugs to you and again congrats =)

  2. Mo says:

    How exciting! You’re my inspiration as far as prolific posting goes! I love how there’s always a new post on your blog when I stop by!

    The batik dress got home before I did! I’m still at school, but I got a call saying a parcel arrived today. I can’t wait to try it on when I get there Saturday!

    Thanks again!!


  3. The Clothes Horse says:

    Congratulations! Blogs are so much more exciting when people stick with them.

  4. anthea says:


  5. Danielle says:

    CONGRATS!!!! That is so great 🙂

  6. marta says:

    Good for you! It was about time that some sponsor took notice and I hope that more reach out to you.

  7. Eyeliah says:

    Oh thanks ladies! 😉 You are the reason I continue, I know it would be impossible to be motivated with zero comments or readers!

  8. rain says:

    Congratulations!!! can’t wait to see your 1000th post! Wow! It’s always fun to be on your blog! You post al kinds of things, and we can identify ourselves with you! Great job!!!!!

  9. MizzJ says:

    Congrats!! 1000 posts is pretty fantastic!!

  10. The Curvy Fashionista says:

    Thank you for sharing some love! I must tell you congrats on such a great site! Keep up the fabulousness! Great job!

  11. Mom says:

    I noticed your new sponsor, WTG Lovie.