Apr 20 2009

My Camera Broke

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 9:00 am

I am in wallowing in self pity this morning.

5 Responses to “My Camera Broke”

  1. cindee says:

    that happened to me awhile back too. hope everything works out soon–new or fixed!!

  2. elena says:

    you have no idea how unhappy i am right now!! i didnt realize how used to coming to my usual blogs and taking a little break and reading and having a look, and now i just i dont know i feel weird!
    ok wait! how did i make this about ME??
    sorry to hear about the camera!!! you must be crushed and frustrated and upset! but its all going to be ok!! i know you are already working on the situation! im sure we will see your lovely pics soon!
    hang in there!!

  3. shay says:

    oh noes!! Maybe go analog and buy a point and click to tide you over?? At least then you’ll get all the outfits…

  4. rain says:

    Oh nooo.. I hope your camera will be fixed soon! Hope you will still add some new posts…..even with no pictures I still like it. Good luck! xoxo

  5. Danielle says:

    Oh no!! I know how that feels!!! I hope it can be fixed!