Apr 20 2009

Inspiration Flashback ~ Little House on the Prairie

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Come on, you know you loved Little House on the Prairie.  By the time I was born it was playing in reruns, but I am sure I have seen every episode.  I remember feeling like I had so much in common with Laura, having to deal with bullies and loving school so much.  The show was based on the series of books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her childhood and upbringing in the late 1800s.

Family portraits.

The most attractive parents on the prairie.

Our heroine, Laura.

We watched her grow up.

The nemesis, Nellie!  I’ll never forget her first insulting line “Country Girls”.

When Nellie was leaving the show she was replaced with adopted Nancy, an even worse terror.

The classic mud fight is my all time favorite scene!  Laura is so ballsy!  Click picture above right for the video!  What is your favorite memory from the show?

6 Responses to “Inspiration Flashback ~ Little House on the Prairie”

  1. elena says:

    oh my goodness this takes me back! this was awesome!!! and i always thought of dressing like that! i mean come on those dress were pretty!!

  2. Anabela says:

    I loved the books when I was a kid, and I didn’t even realize there was a show until much later!

  3. Jennine says:

    omg that was the best show ever! it was my favorite as a kid because like laura i had brown braids and freckles.

    the stories weren’t half bad either..


  4. Lucitebox says:

    My favorite memory? All of them. I loved this show! I spent a lot of time feeling terrible for Nellie (that spoiled brat) because her mother was such a shrew. I never really blamed Nellie for her behavior and I always wondered how she got her hair to go like that.

  5. Cafe Fashionista says:

    I have seen every episode of Little House on the Prairie at least 7 times. That is still one of my favorite shows on earth. Love this post!

  6. Lauren . says:

    O.M.G. I live Little House On The Prairie so much . !!!!!!!!!!!! . Almonzo is kind of a baby thoungh and Laura was so cute when she was little same with Grace , but Carrie her voice is so weird and her bangs and teeth , but she’s kind of cute , Rose is adorible too . Charles always saves the day , and Ihate that Nellie’s cousin Nancy so much , she is such a brat , and Perciville is really weird too , and Mrs . Olson is so rude all the time I feel bad for Nels . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .