Apr 20 2009

A Diamond Fell Out of My Wedding Ring

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 4:45 pm

And it is lost for good.  I know these things happen in three’s what’s next?

3 Responses to “A Diamond Fell Out of My Wedding Ring”

  1. elena says:

    WHAT??!! oh man!!! i would so crying right now!! it just fell out??? girly i am so sorry about all of these things!!! you know its all a cycle so there are amazing surprises on the other side for you too!!

  2. Mom says:

    aww honey…I know your ring is so speccial to you!!
    Im sorry

  3. Rick says:

    So what did you do? These things can happen, especially if the ring has be sized up a little bit. Hopefully, you contacted the jewelry store and they helped you out.

    Wedding rings, like all jewelry, are exposed to normal wear and tear. And your hand touches more surfaces than you realize.