Apr 17 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 8

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 9:00 am

This photoshoot the girls really rocked, its hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say Natalie. I definitely do not agree with the judges choice of Teyona for best photo, I mean it’s good but not the best.

Allison and Celia; fierce blonde divas.

Fo looks so stunning here in the face but she looks so short, anyone know her height? Aminat should have been sent home, why is she laying on the stage? It’s like she isn’t even trying!

London, oh my first fav to be sent home. 🙁 I was feeling really sad until they went through the recap of her pictures. She was strong in the beginning but then went continuously downhill after the light yourself shoot, 10 pounds was only part of the issue.

For the remainder of the competition the girls will be in Brazil. That’s exciting, may give me some new ideas for what to pack for Cabo.

My thoughts; they need more runway, Natalie is about to either step up or down and Celia is going to go far. Your thoughts?


3 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 8”

  1. The Waves says:

    They definitely need more runway! Aminat should go next, but it might be Allison who will be axed, because Nigel clearly dislikes her. Celia is going strong, Teyona is getting way more praise than what she deserves (doesn’t anyone else think that she looks the same in every photo..?), Natalie has a good chance of sneaking into the top 3. I have a strange feeling that Fo will win this one though. She has such a great face and a really cute personality, she would be good for both Covergirl and Seventeen. It has been a while since “the short girl” won… There it is, my favourite to win is Fo! 🙂

  2. Eline says:

    Omg, why didn’t I knew you reviewed ANTM? Hello lover.

    I think it’s amazingly sad and demeaning that London’s supposed weight issue got so much attention. The way the episode was cut it seemed as if that was the only reason she was sent home. Ugh, just goes to show that the whole ‘be healthy’ and ‘omg we actually do totes loved plus-sized models’ is just bullshit.

    In other news, I think Allison and Celia totally kicked ass this episode. I want to sue ANTM if they send Allison home D:

  3. elena says:

    i dont understand why they tell allison that she has the same look the one look in every picture but they dont say that to amina since she has the same look in hers! i think fo is cute but man does she whine a lot! it could be editing but it seems she needs a little more of a toughness to make in that business! celia on the other hand seems she could kick butt right? i think she really knows how to style herself so well, at panel she consistantly looks amzaingly put together. im kinda blah about natalie i dunno she doesnt really make me want to buy a magazine or outfit you know? i just kind of blah on her teyona is overrated i think and i secretly hope allison wins heehee how will they market her?? at the begining they made her seem so kooky now they toned that down! but i recall that very well!! but seriously she has such a face for fashion! non secretly celia is such a powerhouse! i think if she doesnt win they will most definately use her in some way! i think i would buy anything she’d have to sell!