Apr 09 2009

Free Shoes

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 1:30 pm

I was contacted by SoleStruck and they are going to send me a free pair of shoes of my choice….. wait what? Free shoes!! Oh my goodness, I knew this blogging thing was about to pay off, lol. Here are the finalists, please help me choose!

Delman Dana Lace Ballet Flats; Camper Casi Slingbacks.

Jeffery Campbell Harris Cutout Shoes ; Jeffery Campbell Kent Lace Up Booties.

Palladium Kassel Flats; Gentle Soles Gabby Ballet Flats.

Report Jema Slingbacks in Red or Gold.

Jeffery Campbell Top St Lace Up Ballet Flats; Steve Madden Piecee Suede Flats.

23 Responses to “Free Shoes”

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m a fan of the black peep-toe slingbacks or the cutout shoes.

  2. rain says:

    Hi first time here. Your blog is great! I think the Jeffery Campbell Kent Lace Up Booties is really fashionable & cute. The red & yellow slingbacks are also nice…but rather ordinary! Good luck with choosing! xoxo

  3. Robyn@Twitch says:

    I’m not really a fan of slingbacks. The cut outs and the lace out booties are definitely my top picks. (so jealous BTW)

  4. rebecca s. says:

    holy moly! you lucky gal! i would choose those jeffrey campbell grey ballerina lace up flats you have there on the bottom. hands down.

  5. Mo says:

    Those red sequined slingbacks are so Dorothy Gale! (Yep. It had to be said.)

    I love the flats 2nd row left… very interesting!

  6. Chekka Cuomova says:

    def vote for Jeffery Campbell Kent Lace Up Booties!!

  7. Hannele says:

    The first ones (mocha ballet flats with bow) are delicious!

  8. Suzanna says:

    I like those little Steve Madden flats or the Harris cut-outs. I think you’d get most wear out of the Madden ones.

    You’ve got a great blog and it has come a long way. I am glad manufacturers are taking notice of you–you work VERY hard on this journal and deserve some recognition.

    BTW, thanks for the lippie name! Gorgeous!

  9. cherrylovesit says:

    jeffrey campell cutout !

  10. cherrylovesit says:

    jeffrey campell cutouts !

  11. Rachael says:

    Go the booties!

  12. alixrose says:

    oooh! Sweet. I am stuck between the brown lace ballets and the lace up booties. Hope that helps!

  13. Wanderlusting says:

    Awww no fair! I want free shoes and if I had that, I would def get those grey JC wrap up ballet ones. They are adorable!

  14. shay says:

    ack, me too! Same dilemma! Perhaps I will post finalists too. I think you should go for the cut out booties, they are very “you but different” somehow. Know what I mean?

  15. caboguy says:

    – the grey booties, fer sure!

  16. Anabela says:

    I would go for the Campers.

  17. dearilou says:

    I love all the sling backs, so very spring. And it must be said, I rather hate booties, they are so trendy, but both those pairs are really interesting. Booties would make me look all cut off and stocky, but if you have the guts to go with them, I say either of those would be a great free shoe pick. Or the sling backs, I am dying for a pair like those black ones. Gah.

  18. capsulewardrobe says:

    i love them all but i would rather choose the delman lana lace flat.its cool and trendy

  19. Eyeliah says:

    Wow Wow! Quite the feedback ladies! It sounds like we are narrowed down to either JC Booties, Camper Slingbacks, the Delman flats and my other fav (that none of you picked) the Gentle Sole Gabbys – they are supposed to be the most comfortable shoes on the planet! I should have included that in the post. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your thoughts, keep ’em coming!

  20. meaghan says:

    at first i was leaning towards saying the jeffrey campbell cut out bootie things…
    then i saw the camper casi slingbacks or whatever theyre called..the top right hand sling back shoes! and seeing as the weather is finally warming up i think you should definitely go with those!!!!!!

  21. grunge-queen says:

    Wow, tough decision ‘cos they’re all SUPER fab. But I’m really digging the cutout shoes – funky and different and slightly boho, and perfect for transitional Spring weather….

  22. Missa says:

    Oooh, I’m drooling over those cut-out booties and the gray lace-up ballet flats! Happy decision making!

  23. misslikey says:

    lace up booties..in grey..i am fan!!!