Apr 03 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 5 & 6

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I think I was so shocked by Celia’s foot in mouth disease that I forgot to post about last weeks episode! I’m sorry, forgive me? 🙂 The episode as a whole also did leave me slightly underwhelmed.

Episode Six; of course there would be a ton of drama after Celias outing speech. It’s funny how they edit these things, Aminat sure looked silly. I do like how Natalie handled her being right in her face.

The photoshoot was a very cool yet simple idea. Aminat looks so gorgeous here.
Fo with the best picture – hubba hubba. Go Fo!
Tahlia looking good here I have to admit, those eyes of hers are sparkling.

London is kinda boring me here and it’s not a good angle on her nose. I still love her.
Natalie was judged harshly, I’m sure she’ll bounce right back.
Celia does look wise and beautiful in this shot, but her age (25) I think is still an issue.

Teyona lucking out with this photo, wasn’t she trying to go for happiness with a big smile?
Allison come on girl mix it up, do something different – you are about to be sent home!
Sandra was TOLD last week no more profiles, I can see now why she relied on them.
And she was sent home.

Episode 5: I do not understand how this picture of Tahlia was ‘so great’ and chosen best of the week, okay you do not pose like that at Ellis Island! Don’t worry Celia, shes not gonna win the competition, Aminat & Natalie did so much better!  Jay gave London so much great feedback for her profile shots, and at judging they hated it! Arg, what a pain, talk about mixed messages. And Kortnie was sent home.



5 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 5 & 6”

  1. Wanderlusting says:

    I missed both weeks so I youtubed them last night and this post is very fitting! I didn’t think Celia had a right to say that – I know Thalia whines and all but still, I know I would probably say something about “not wanting to be here” and “wanna go home” a lot too, doesn’t mean you actually want to do it. Girls should be allowed to vent and talk without a snitch like Allison going around and getting things started. I liked her in the start, but now I can see she hides behind her “innocent” face – which yeah, is very boring lately.

    I didn’t like the way Aminat handled it but I don’t like Natalia either – she’s far too conceited and not all that IMHO. That said, I loved the drama! I thought it was getting a bit boring, so it was nice to see some actual emotions involved here – last time I saw that was when Fo had her hair chopped off, lol.

    Speaking of, I agree with her pic being the best, followed by Thalia and Aminat.

    I was kinda sad that Kortnie left since I thought she was gorgeous and representing me as a big girl (though really it was only her boobs that were big!).

    My faves are Fo, Thalia (cuz I can relate to her), London and Teyona 🙂

  2. Mihal says:

    hahaha i LOVE that you posted on this. and i totally agree with your paint splatter photo comments. Fo def deserved best pic. i love/hate this show so much, i just can’t stop watching but everytime i do all i can do is shake my head and think “oh tyra”…

  3. dearilou says:

    Thank you so much for doing these posts. I don’t have cable and the photos are my favorite part anyway. Always entertaining.

  4. The Waves says:

    I have been really disappointed with the season so far. Fo’s photo was by far the best this week, others were just… blah. Sandra needed to go, I thought it was clear from the first photoshoot that she had the looks but could not model. Too bad Fo is short, she has a great face.

    It is worrying that at this stage of the season I don’t even have a favourite yet. London and Allison are sort of interesting, but I don’t think they are versatile enough. I don’t understand what the judges see in Thalia! I really don’t think she is interesting at all, and to be quite honest I think she is in the competition just because of her scars, not her talent. I thought there were so many good girls in the previous season and now… ugh. Celia is too old, Aminat is boring, Teyona is not great either, Natalie is too commercial. Bring back the previous season! 🙂

  5. macky says:

    team Celia, Allison and Natalie!!!