Mar 31 2009

Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off On Me

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:20 pm

Here are two one hundred percent thrifted outfits just for you!  I wasn’t completely happy with either of these looks, but it’s just a day of work right?  The crochet top here I thought was a fun pick its a plus size top but I am wearing as more of a tunic.  I can never get over how versatile this paisley blouse is, I really need to get a few more similar.  I realized lately I have an abundance of skirts and dresses, not enough blouses.  I have been making that my main shopping focus.

The floral dress is a little mumsy so I pulled it up shorter and added the vest to help reign it in.  The dress definitely looks best in the makeover outfit.  Perhaps a permanent alteration is in order.

Outfit 1: Crochet Blouse, $4; Paisley Bow Blouse, Beige Belt, Teal Pants and Maroon Loafers.

Outfit 2: Floral Dress, Beige Beads, Brown Vest and Brown Loafers. Deep Red Tights, ?.

2 Responses to “Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off On Me”

  1. elena says:

    i love both! i really love the second one though and i think you really look great in these mauvey tones, and the close up, oh my you look lovely!

  2. Katie from ZombieLace says:

    Love the second look with the vest over the floral, I think the big chunky beaded necklace totally makes it!