Mar 28 2009

Boot Hunt Update

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 10:55 am

I wanted these off white ankle boots, but they were $110.  Which would be fine, but at Le Chateau!  Nothing there is worth that much.
Only two pairs left in the store, these dark brown twill boots from Joneve were marked down from $90 to $30.  Also really cute and pretty comfortable, so I bought them! What a great deal.  They still don’t fill all my boot loving fantasies, so I’ll be on the hunt for a while longer.

There are so many great ones online, but I just don’t like to buy that way.  Shoes are such a pricey investment piece and I have to be sure they will fit and be comfortable.  I measure heel to toe with a similar pair, but still I can never be sure.  Do you have any tips for buying shoes online?

Some dream boots….

Three in my size on ebay.

8 Responses to “Boot Hunt Update”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hehe…I understand know…thrifted cardigan, belt and hat. Well done, great things. I’d buy the white boots. If you really love them, the price is ok!

  2. meligrosa says:

    those fryes at the top-right corner are so dope. and always so pricey/ one of these days…
    what a good deal you found, the ones you got look super comfyfy! 😉

  3. Mo says:

    I am also a coveter of Frye boots! One day…

    I’m not a big online shoe shopping person, because every pair of shoes on earth mutilates my feet into a blistered version of their former selves. So I like to see them in person and judge their foot-maiming potential.

    That said, if I do fall in love with a pair of shoes, I will try them on in store and then see if I can find them cheaper online somewhere. I’m every shoe-salesperson’s worst nightmare…

  4. Kay says:

    Buying shoes online is a tricky one, generally I try on a pair from the same brand in a shop and then buy the pair I want online in the same size as the shop pair, if that makes sense.
    I really like the first ebay pair

  5. Hannele says:

    Make sure that the online site you buy from has free returns and exchange. I really like zappos for that same reason, they make the process easy and lightening quick.
    If buying an expensive pair of boots which something seems like an investment, I would try to get something classic and versatile. It’ll go with your entire wardrobe and be worth the price in the long run. Frye has great classic styles indeed. I own tina tall pleats, they have a low heel (2 1/2″ something like that)and are extremely comfortable. The Frye Dorado riding style is another fantastic classic and versatile choice and is flat.
    Happy boot hunting!

  6. The Waves says:

    I have never bought shoes online, but that is because I have tremendously difficult feet. I’d do what most people have suggested already: check return policies and/or go for a brand that you already know. The boots you got are wonderful, really. I want a pair too!

  7. Eyeliah says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! 🙂

  8. ken says:

    What i would look is for
    Shipping Charges
    If in a Hurry? Check Shipping Times