Mar 27 2009

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:00 pm

A great thing about clothing swaps is it gives you a chance to try things out that you never thought you would or never had before for free!  Prior to the Swap, I didn’t own anything like this top, the color and the bustline are brand new concepts to me.  I don’t think I would have ever picked this out in a store and yet it is a new favorite.  You should see a couple other tops I got from The Swap (oh wait, you will!) because they are even more out of my comfort zone (bell sleeved lace and a babydoll with sequins!).  This top below and the items I am describing are from the lovely Karina of Anywhere But Here, thanks so much for coming and broadening my horizons.  I guess another moral to this story is to try things on you normally wouldn’t next time you are shopping!

Is there something out of your comfort zone you’ve recently tried and now you love it?  Doesn’t have to be clothing.

Mustard Top, Free from Swap. Thrifted Red Cardigan, Santana Jeans, Leather Belt, Luggage Bag, Mens Loafers and Brown Hat.

6 Responses to “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. jesspgh says:

    I love this color palette… mustard with a salmon-red is unexpected and cool.

    Cute hat, too!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hey! Your coloured clothes are great for spring! Where did you get the hat from?

  3. WendyB says:

    Good color combo!

  4. Anna says:

    Love the hat…nothing like a clothing swap to give you new inspiration. The fashionista turned into a recessionista 😉

  5. The Waves says:

    Great outfit, I love the yellow on you! My recent out-of-comfort-zone try: suede pants. Tried them on, fell in love with them, but they are waaaay too expensive so I didn’t actually buy them. I never thought I’d even consider getting a pair of suede pants, but perhaps one day..! 🙂

  6. Rachael says:

    You look great in hats. I always look like a mental patient.

    My out-of-comfort-zone try: Skinny jeans! How the hell did I get by without them?