Mar 16 2009

The Most Amazing Purse on This Planet

Category: My ClosetEyeliah @ 11:10 am

I have always been the type of gal to change my purse, daily. There is no better accessory for me than a new purse for my daily outfit, creating the perfect match or adding a fun quirk.

All that changed when I found this Velvet Kenneth Cole purse at a thrift store back in November, it was like slowly falling in love. In the beginning we went out a couple times a week, then we saw more and more of eachother and now we’ve become exclusive (going out with the luggage bag yesterday did not go over well). It is hard for me to describe the amazingness that is this purse so here are some pictures.

I love how she is such a little purse but with so many compartments! In the big section I’ve got my camera, ipod and compact brush. Theres a cel phone caddy, a spot for all my lipsticks and a zippered section for items to tuck away. Then a great side pocket where I put my pink wallet and bus tickets for easy access.

These cool slit pockets push closed with magnets, I keep my notepad and pen on one side and used bus tickets or lil bits of paper garbage on the other. And there’s also a small hidden pocket in the front.

Bonus features: I can put my lunch of banana and beans in the big section with a little extra squeeze. When I am carrying my yoga pants to class or need to bring an umbrella they can sit perfectly atop the zippered section and stay put due to the straps, so I can carry as much as if I’ve got a big bag. Can you see why I fell in love? Talk about amazing quality in structure. The ONLY con is it’s not the best fabric for when it’s raining.
With the upcoming Spring and Summer months, I imagine I will start to switch over to some old favorites and leave this purse behind a bit more. Please don’t say anything, she’ll be crushed!

4 Responses to “The Most Amazing Purse on This Planet”

  1. Le Tasché says:

    I am also a purse collector, but I am too lazy to change daily my purse and in the morning every minute counts to get to work….

  2. elena says:

    um WOW, yeah that pretty much sums it up for me!

  3. lisa says:

    I love uber-organized purses too.

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