Mar 08 2009

Even Then It Sounds So Soothing

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:50 pm

On my mind, tickets for No Doubt went on sale, too bad it’s over $100 a ticket for decent seats as I would love to go.  Also Gavin Rossdale I would want to see, yes I love his new Adult Contemporary type album and I have every Bush album from back in the day.  I just don’t think I know ANYONE else who would want to go to that show! lol  So many concerts coming up, and I keep wanting to buy more, like for Peaches, Lady Sov, TV on the Radio!  I’m going to be known as the girl who spends all her pay cheques on shows, that’s not a good thing as I would also like to take a vacation.

Where does your extra income go?

This outfit was kind of thrown together in a rush getting ready, I like it. Electric Blue Top, Suzy Shier. Thrifted Leopard Skirt, Floral Scarf, Black Skinny Tie and Velvet Bow Heels.  McGregor Denim Blue Tights.

4 Responses to “Even Then It Sounds So Soothing”

  1. MizzJ says:

    Spending money on concerts isn’t a bad idea, live music is great! You’ll always have those memories 🙂 Hmm I think I spend my extra money on shopping most likely, eating out, or vacations, and lately stuff for my apartment.

  2. dearilou says:

    My extra income goes to thrifting, for sure. I don’t exactly have a lot of extra income at the moment. When I get a full time job it will be saving up for moving expenses. Then after we move it will be saving up to visit my dearest friend in France.
    So travel, I guess is where my extra money goes.
    Also, love that skirt. I’m a sucker for leopard print.

  3. julie mack says:

    love that blue sweater! the color & cut are killer!

    my extra income? uh, unfortunately, up until saturday, I hadn’t received a paycheck in 3.5 months! But at the moment, extra scraps of cash are going towards the wedding, savings, paying down any consumer debt & the big upcoming move! after that: shoes. & work clothes.

  4. thefashionmaven says:

    so funny! i saw no doubt tour with bush before they were dating (or maybe when they were dating)!!! it must’ve been back in ’95 or so 🙂