Mar 03 2009

The 100% Thrifted Pool

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 2:45 pm

557 members strong and always fashionable, the 100% Thrifted Pool has a soft spot in my heart. Founded by Joulesstar, this pool is dedicated to showcasing outfits consisting of only second hand and vintage items. I love this group, I love the challenge of putting together an outfit completely from the thrift store. Quite often I will change out one item when I realize it’s preventing me from posting it in the group. 😉 It’s not to say that I have something against new clothes, but maybe I do. Thrifted clothing has a history, the pieces are unique and it can be much cheaper than the mall.
A few recent uploads to the group.

And a few older.

Me in 100% thrifted, one recent and one older. Shoes must be thrifted but new tights have been established as allowed thank goodness or I wouldn’t have been able to post either of these.

Are you up for the challenge? Join the group! 😉

12 Responses to “The 100% Thrifted Pool”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Aww, thanks for including me with these wonderful girls! And thanks for reminding me about the group . . . I really wish I had more 100% thrifted outfits. It’s always such a nice feeling to wear and get compliments on an outfit that probably cost less than $25. 😉

  2. Nicole O says:

    That group sounds too good to be true!

    I am pretty much 100% thrifted every day due to the obvious fact of working in thrift stores my whole life. Not that I am complaining!!

  3. Miranda says:

    Cool. That grey jumper with the green pumps and belt is something I’d totally wear. Thanks for posting these pix! They give me great ideas for Granville Mag’s next Urban Scavenger Hunt!

  4. madam0wl says:

    Thanks! I do that too, change up a “new” item with a “thrifted” one. I recently sorted my closet & dresser so that all my “new” stuff is off to one side now. Makes it a bit easier!

  5. Liberty London Girl says:

    This is brilliant! LLGxx

  6. elena says:

    i have a lot of thrifted items but i cant seem to do the shoes! i never feel quite right about getting those at the thrift stores! is that odd?? i guess i should get over it and just get a pair!!
    like this post and your old and new thrifty goodness!

  7. thefashionmaven says:

    wow! i don’t think i’ve seen you with hair that long before!

    thanks for always commenting on my blog and giving me a good reason to try to post more! i posted some today but no outfit posts just yet… i’ll try to get one in soon 🙂

  8. punky says:

    I always forget to add to add to that pool.
    I will try harder now.

  9. lisa says:

    Ah I was wondering about the tights when I saw the ensembles with skirts! Tights are one of those items where it’s better to buy new, I think.

  10. futurelint says:

    I rarely make it from w_r to 100% thrifted… it’s always the shoes that throw me off… I love new shoes. In the summer it will be easier because I have a lot of ’70s sandals, but in the winter, forget it. I’ve gotta have my fierce heels.

  11. Katie from ZombieLace says:

    Hey that’s me! Haha, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before… thanks for featuring me!

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