Feb 12 2009

I Was a Dancer All Along

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 8:30 am

This is what I wore to the Lykke Li concert.  Sorry for the lower quality pics, wanted to take them authentically on the day.  There was quite the group of us for the show and it was a wicked time.  I wish I had taken pictures of my adorable friends who all looked fabulous, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Many people complimented me on my outfit and thankfully I am getting better at taking that compliment.  In the past I would shake my head ‘no’ and blush which is just too shy and standoffish.  My standard response for this was ‘thank you so much, I got this dress on ebay’ which I suppose could work for me on many occasions. 😉

How do you handle compliments?

Vintage Slip, Ebay. Thrifted Gold Snakelike Belt. Secret Dark Purple Tights. Winner Beige Boots.  Not shown; Vintage Pink Snakeskin Purse, Ebay (utilized for it’s long strap).

11 Responses to “I Was a Dancer All Along”

  1. artsladivina says:


    love it all….

  2. marta says:

    Actually, you should just say thank you and not give any explanation of where you got the dress. Many times when people give us a compliment we say: I got that dress cheap at such place, it looks ok, blah, blah… when we should just accept the nice complement.

  3. belle fantaisie says:

    i love the mixture of orange and brown, very summery!

  4. Charlene says:

    Usually I just say thank you, but then I feel like I have to compliment back sometimes. Often I find though that the compliment goes something along the lines of “I love that dress, where did you get it?” so your answer would work!
    IT does look fab on you

  5. Jill says:

    I saw your comment on DD and I wanted to tell you about some great spots for blue tights –


    I bought mine from Uniqlo and they’re great!

  6. cindee says:

    love that dress (slip). it’s really beautiferamous!!

  7. cherrylovesit says:

    i loooove it love it!

  8. Nadine says:

    I also just say “Thank you” :)!

    I love this dress you look adorable wearing it!

  9. Skooter says:

    Ooh I love that dress! The colour is great =D.

  10. Ashley K says:

    That dress is so cute, you look great!

  11. Violet Folklore says:

    This is *adorable* Eyeliah! Love your blog.