Feb 10 2009

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 5:50 pm

Not as many comments over the past few days, I’m not going to cry, still love you all. 🙂  See, I even vomit love.  I hope my blog is still making you happy, it makes me so very.

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  1. stacy says:

    I enjoy your blog very much.You have cute style.My favorite look on you is when you wear your white socks in warm weather outfits.You look so cute in them.

  2. Ziling says:

    First time here and oh gawddd your post is so cute! Haha link? 🙂


  3. Charlene says:

    Wow that image makes me think of i vomit love in a whole different way, I’m a bit of a lurker – but here is some comment love!