Feb 02 2009

Model Citizen

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 2:40 pm

On Sunday I sat as my portrait was painted by ten artists. It was three and a half hours of trying to be still, a skill I do not come by easily. The studio owner was playing Elvis Presley songs on guitar and trying to get me to sing along. It was funny because I would look over at the words, sing a bit but the artists would get upset as they needed me to turn my head back. Then the owner would try to get me to sing more, the artists would yell, and so on and so on lol. Am I sitting for a portrait or here to sing?

Which do you like? My favorites are bottom middle and then top left.

17 Responses to “Model Citizen”

  1. Hannele says:

    That’s totally rad!
    My favorite is the bottom right. Lovely lovely.
    I can’t imagine doing what you did! I wouldn’t mind doing the painting though as I’ve been in that position many times! They were nude though. hehe
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. geri says:

    wow! that is so cool and it’s fascinating to see the translation from 10 different artists. I like the bottom middle best but think they are all great!

  3. Londyn says:

    How fun! I like the bottom middle too.

  4. Rachael says:

    Awesome! My fave is bottom middle.

  5. Mo says:

    The bottom middle is really awesome. it’s really cool to see so many different styles – they really come through when the subject is the same (and so awesome!)

  6. Dria says:

    I dunno, I think the top middle one captures your essence the best… I think the proportions and angles are just perfect, plus, I like the style of it. Not smooth at all – just nicely textured.

  7. laura says:

    the top left picture looks most like you, to my mind.

  8. Mom says:

    Bottom middle makes you look most pretty, but I like top middle. looks like it was painted by Van Gogh

  9. Mom says:

    The eyes on the top left are bang on yours
    coming from a mother

  10. molly says:

    oh that would be SO fascinating seeing how a bunch of other people see you
    they did an amazing job,i like the first one the best

  11. Meg says:

    This would be my ultimate nightmare, all those people looking at me I mean (I hate photographs too), but I think the bottom middle one is lovely, it has a pretty soft focus feel to it.

  12. Missa says:

    How cool, do you get to keep any of them? The bottom middle is my fave too 🙂

  13. Gem says:

    these are awesome! i like the top middle one and the bottom middle one.

  14. caboguy says:

    I like the backdrop in the top middle… it’s really cool – top left looks like you alot – also like bottom middle – which one do I get?

  15. Acromatic says:

    Oh man, does this ever remind me of my last 2 years of life drawing. I always liked the free-er brush work (like the two in the middle) but always ended up spending way too long on my paintings and making the pain really smooth.

    This is very cool. 🙂

  16. lisa says:

    Really neat to see all these interpretations!

  17. Kay says:

    Definitely bottom middle, I love the style.