Jan 30 2009

Outfit Echoes ~ A Sentimental Face Stares

Category: Inspiration,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:25 am

Thanks ladies for all your thoughts on flat irons, I do admit my hair sure looks good when its all flattened out. After today, it will be kinked and curving so I will have to save some $$ and order an iron soon.

Edit: I forgot to mention, this was shopambrosia inspired. 🙂

Lime Green Sweater and Jeans Thrifted. Bright Yellow V Neck, Consignment. Winners Beige Boots.

6 Responses to “Outfit Echoes ~ A Sentimental Face Stares”

  1. marta says:

    How fun!

  2. Emma says:

    OH yes. Great color choices – and I love those boots! The weather looks lovely, sometimes that beautiful fog puts me in a better mood than sunshine!

  3. susie_bubble says:

    I love that combo of semi-pastel shades!

  4. artsladivina says:

    Love it.

    Have you noticed the inspiration had a purple belt?
    Patent will be good for a polished finish…


  5. eyeliah says:

    Ah yes, very good observation Artsladivina.

  6. Louis says:

    yes indeed! cool color combination…loves to stare at it…really great choice.
    and oh, the boots is love!!!
    *thumbs up*