Jan 25 2009

Sunday Dress Up

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 8:30 pm

Gosh I needed a haircut here!!  My stylist lives in Kelowna and only comes out to Vancouver every couple of months which is why my hair looks like this.  Luckily I will have shorter hair in a couple of outfit posts. 🙂

I hadn’t worn this dress yet so wearing it for a little dress up.  It’s just so perfectly adorable. Thrifted Black Dress with Lace Collar, $10 and Velvet Bow Shoes, $5. Secret Ribbed Tights.

5 Responses to “Sunday Dress Up”

  1. Mom says:

    Hi thats such a cute dress honey, I love the lace makes it very feminine. PS Is B.B. a disturbing movie? may not go.

  2. Le Tasché says:

    This outfit reflects perfectly mine !
    You did everything right, when buying the dress.

  3. Katie from Zombielace says:

    That is a fantastic little black dress, what an amazing thrift find!!

  4. thefashionmaven says:

    i was a fan of this dress when you first showed a pic of it a while ago (i believe when you first bought it) and i love it even more on you! it fits you great and looks perfect!
    what a find!

  5. Marianne says:

    OMG Absolutely perfect dress! I love it!