Jan 23 2009

Jungle Julia

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 4:00 pm

I do not wear this leopard jacket enough, reason being it is quite rigid and not the most comfortable.  If it was, I would never take it off!  Happy Friday! Off to see Benjamin Button finally.

Brown Tee and Beige Boots Winners. Thrifted Necklace, Floral scarf, Leopard Top.  Shank Jeans.

3 Responses to “Jungle Julia”

  1. caboguy says:

    – that looks like a really cool outfit to wear to the movies – retro-look for a funky flick!

  2. Mo says:

    I adore this scarf/necklace combination – for a minute I thought it was a scarf/brooch – so awesome.

    I also added you to my blogroll. Because you’re awesome!

  3. Hannele says:

    awesome outfit! perfect proportion of leopard and floral, plus the jeans, you did really well 🙂