Jan 18 2009

Makeup and Bras

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 5:45 pm

This ‘tropical fusion’ eyeshadow goes on super bright, it’s fun to mix in with silvers and beiges to tone down as well.  I’ve only played with the wine & dine mineral eyeshadow in the store, can’t wait to put a look together.  And then possibly pick up a few more shades.   Also La Senza is having a crazy sale, so I had to get some things.  I highly recommend a jaunt if you are in need of delicates.
The mistake I made was this, all my beauty products I try to make sure to get from companies that do not test on animals.  The products I use Clinique, Bonne Belle, The Body Shop, Avon and AG do not test on animals.   I checked the back of the Emani and saw the ‘no animal testing’.  I grabbed the Cover Girl on a whim and forgot to check the back, I think I always assumed they didn’t for some reason but yes, they do test on animals.  I really need to be more careful.

2 Responses to “Makeup and Bras”

  1. miss matilda says:

    AVON doesn’t test on any animals nor their baby sister company Mark.

  2. Eyeliah says:

    Thanks Miss Matilda, I forgot to mention that. I use Avon products too. 🙂