Jan 16 2009

Post of the Day ~ Who What Wear

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 4:30 pm

See, we can look cute 365 days a year, even in the chilly cold. No these looks are not suited for below 0 (or 32 Fahrenheit) but that’s as cold as it gets in my city. One question, where are all the cute brunettes?

2 Responses to “Post of the Day ~ Who What Wear”

  1. Allegra says:

    I think Chloe looks very very cute!! 🙂 with this red cap- like Little Red Riding Hood^^

  2. Jackie says:

    As cute as those outfits are, I could never wear them where I live. Especially lately with temperatures dipping below 0 degrees F. I couldn’t imagine wearing skirts in this kind of cold.

    Maybe the cute brunettes are in colder cities and are wearing much warmer clothes (something more than two sweaters and some leggings), so they couldn’t be featured here.