Jan 11 2009

If This is a Race, I Hope You Come Last

Category: My Outfits,Set ListsEyeliah @ 3:15 pm

This is what I wore to the concert last night.  Sorry for the poor photo quality, didn’t want to stage a reshoot today.

Thrifted Cream Lace Skirt: $4. Previously shown, Thrifted Striped Brown Sweater & Ankle Boots.  Black Garage Tank Top. The Bay Sweater Tights.  Keys Necklace, Le Chateau. Fingerless Gloves, Sockdreams.

The Orpheum Theater is an over 80 years old theater with plush red sets, ornate decor and amazing acoustics.  It’s where we saw The Killers two years ago and made for a fabulous venue last night.  The show was sold out, but their were two empty seats beside us?.  The Stills, also a Canadian band opened with a 45 minute set and they were great.  One song in particular stood out, Snake Charming the Masses.  Then The Sam Roberts Band played for an hour and 35 minutes, just long enough to satisfy.  I was so excited when he played my favorite song Taj Mahal, which I recently quoted in a post title.  The best of the night had to be the 15 minute finale, an extended version of Mind Flood; headbanging, stobing lights and sweating ensued.

Set List

Love at the End of the World
With A Bullet
Hard Road
Fixed To Ruin
Dead End
Uprising Down Under
Bridge To Nowhere
Up Sister
Where Have All the Good People Gone
Taj Mahal
Stripmall Religion
Lions of the Kalahari
Brother Down
Them Kids

Detroit 67
Cover or New Song (?)
Words & Fire
Mind Flood

4 Responses to “If This is a Race, I Hope You Come Last”

  1. mom says:

    Cute Cute Cute

  2. yb says:

    love at first sight. i love this outfit. i think it could be my absolute fave. the neutral colors, you look easy and relaxed, yet still, mega cute!

  3. Missa says:

    Adorable skirt!

  4. calamityjem says:

    Really cute skirt!