Jan 07 2009

I’m Building a Beautiful Statue, To Make Sure That No One Forgets You

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 4:45 pm

The Sam Roberts concert is coming up and it’s all I can think about!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if most readers have not heard of his band as they are Canadian, I have written about them before. They have been on my ‘Top Bands To See’ list for quite sometime, now all that’s left is The Strokes! For me that was the real beauty of moving to the West Coast, I may have mentioned previously that I’ve seen atleast twice as many concerts in the last 2.25 years then I saw my whole life in Calgary, Alberta. It’s an average of one concert a month, and it looks like I’ll get to see Lykke Li in February, I’ve got Cold War Kids in April, I need some shows for March and May. Oh, I’m supposed to talk about outfits right? Well it’s my blog, I’ll talk about what I want!
Oh alright, this look is so me. 😉

Wool Short Sleeved Sweater, it’s new and I can’t remember??
Thrifted Cream Blouse and Paisley Skirt. Winners Faux Suede Knee High Boots (I carried to work, wore my winter boots). Purple Wool Hat, Vintage Consignment.

4 Responses to “I’m Building a Beautiful Statue, To Make Sure That No One Forgets You”

  1. The Clothes Horse says:

    Good layering. You’re seeing Lykke Li? I’m jealous!

  2. Sofia says:

    How you doing? =)

  3. Mo says:

    I concur – jealous about Lykke Li and Cold War Kids!

    Sam Roberts is AMAZING live – I hope you have as good a time as I did!


  4. Cas Ruffin says:

    What would you wear to a concert? People like to push at concerts. Outfits experience quite a bit of tear. 🙁