Dec 17 2008

Another Deception

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

How non-fashionable I am dressing this week!! It is still so cold in my office, I am told they are ‘working their way up the building to fix the heat’. Good thing I work on the top floor!! lol If my coworkers are alright with it, I’m taking off early today.

Here was yesterdays turtleneck.

Can you see my breathe?

Bell Sleeved Turtleneck, Suzy Shier: $? yrs ago. Previously shown: Velvety Pants, Suzy Shier. Thrifted Black Bead Necklace, Velvet Purse, Grey Scarf, Wool Sweater, Wool Hat and Mens Loafers. Vintage Tweed Coat from Consignment Shop.

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