Dec 11 2008

Cozy Cuties

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 2:30 pm

These cozy cuties remind us how monochromatic black is not the mandatory dress code for Late Fall/Winter!! The girls below are demonstrating the trick of wearing an open fall jacket with chunky layers to keep warm enough, even when in shorts or a short dress. And Debeselis in his black coat added bold accessories to really brighten up the look.
P.S. Vancouver weather forecast calls for The White Stuff this weekend – Snow!!

2 Responses to “Cozy Cuties”

  1. laimikis says:

    i really enjoy this layered cozy style! 🙂
    and it’s a great idea of mixing blogs and catching these parallels in styles.

  2. Couture Allure says:

    Love those pops of color with the blue tights and the green scarf!