Dec 10 2008

Thrifting, The Gap & Recession ‘Savings’

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The prices are marked down so dramatically all over the place, of course now that noone can afford to shop. It’s ‘2 for 1’ this and ‘Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off’ that. So not only are the prices low, the stores also need to clear out stock (Body Shop is Buy 2 Get 1 Free – makes you take home 3 items). What I saw at Safeway Grocery Store really made me feel sick, their prices right now feel like a ‘trick’. Every week Safeway has different items marked down, and this week SO many items are marked down!!! As a consumer I am supposed to think – ‘it’s recession prices, wow they are being generous’. Um…. no. Everything was marked down, maybe 40 cents tops (usually the sales are much more lucrative). Or it would be 2 for $5 when the item is regular 2.60 each (I’m not kidding!) – save 20 cents. They also have all these new ‘Everyday Low Price’ markers, okay you are not Walmart and these prices are not low. I suppose it is up to us as the consumer to notice that what looks like a deal really is not.

The Gap is a store I usually would not visit, I found myself being sucked in by the ‘SALE’ signs and overloads or marked down merchandise. If I had an event to wear it, I would’ve bought this $50 Blue Ruffle Dress. And I did get the Electric Blue top (at right) for $15. 🙂 It is my favorite color to wear and silky soft, I can justify this bargain purchase.

When I saw this vest at the thrift store, in perfect shape and complete with electric blue and purple color details I was floored – in love – going to purchase. Then I noticed the price 🙁 The thrift stores are getting smarter and following more of the trends, I left the vest for the next hipster. First photo more true to color.

Final Note: This Christmas I am NOT buying any presents (except for the mandatory $30 to spend at the Office gift exchange). And for The Man, I am making his present this year. Christmas is about so much more than presents, I can’t wait to spend the holidays with family and friends.

End Rant!

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  1. artsladivina says:

    Call me:

    I will instruct you on a pot roast:
    it will be the hit, and very easy to make: my gift to THe MAn!!!