Nov 20 2008

I Miss…… Whimsical Nerd

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 6:15 pm

Natasha, The Whimsical Nerd started out on flickr posting her first outfit pictures in July of 2007, started blogging in January 2008 and by July of 2008 she was gone. 🙁 Did she stop taking pictures? Become jaded or uninspired? NO, she is in Ukraine volunteering with the Peace Corps for 2 years!!  Oh, I miss her and really hope she comes back to posting in 2010.  Until then I will cry, pour over her archieves and make sure to include some whimsy in my style.

7 Responses to “I Miss…… Whimsical Nerd”

  1. Shen-Shen says:

    She looks adorable!

    And ahh, Peace Corps, that’s a good thing to be MIA for!

  2. Eleh says:

    oh yes i do miss her.
    she rocks those beret like no other.

    and oh. you cut your hair again!!
    did you colour it? i think its suits you 😀

  3. songy says:

    ah another blogger I never got to know and she is gone already. There are a couple of bloggers I loved but disappeared as well. It happens. Blogging takes a lot time as you know. It’s good though as I got to have a creative outlet and did inspire a lot of people. That counts for something, right. 🙂

    I always thought your profile pictures was really gorgeous.. here I see your blog and it confirms it. Really gorgeous.

  4. Natasha says:

    Aww, Hailey, thanks! 🙂
    I miss reading all the blogs and writing my own…it is very hard to find a public computer here that loads pictures properly, and I think I would just torture myself with want looking and clothes I would love but can’t really buy right now.
    Your hair looks lovely, one of the pictures came out and it is very cute!
    Visit my new blog anytime…, password ‘allthatjazz.’ Hope all is well! 🙂

  5. hillary says:

    She has a blog for her ukraine life!

  6. Sam says:

    Yes, I also really miss her.. I also really hope she’ll come back in 2010

  7. Aunt susie says:

    you can be a supermodel w/ these photos!!