Nov 18 2008

Post of the Day ~ Picked Pics

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 6:45 pm

I felt compelled to share The_Kittens post Styling H&M featuring an article in Spur Magazine.  It’s 31 days of H&M outfits (only 23 shown), so many good ideas here!  It works well since many of these items are basic pieces compariable to what’s already in my own closet.  Even starting with Look #1, long sweater, girly skirt, scrunchy socks and runners = cute! #8, the largest photo on page 2 is probably my favorite, I wonder if I could make a skirt like that by altering an old cozy sweater?  Page 3’s biggest picture, cute lil ice skater dress with capri pants, I could do that or mix striped sleeves with a thick sleeveless turtleneck (look #18).

A majority of my outfit planning time is focused on the pairing of irregular items to make the same old interesting again.  Comparables are important when looking to styled outfits for inspiration.  I mean it’s great if you love Susie’s dropped crotch pants or Punky’s amazing jacket, but if you don’t already have them in your closet you can’t really recreate the look without spending.  My closet is already full too which means when I buy new thing I have to donate old items to charity to make room!  Another reason I purchase new items as little as possible and truly work with what I have.

6 Responses to “Post of the Day ~ Picked Pics”

  1. geri says:

    these are really great, you are totally right. i just saved them to my computer!

  2. Eli says:

    So are they going to carry non CdG drop crotch pants? and how come I never find them?

  3. Eyeliah says:

    Prob b/c they are only sold overseas for now?

  4. molly says:

    and let me know, how was the lady gaga concert?

  5. Naoko says:

    I liked that post too, pickedpics is such a great blog.
    And so is yours of course.

  6. the_kitten says:

    Hey, good point you are making! I definitely do not mind you using my published pictures. Glad you enjoyed the spread!